Thursday, April 29, 2010

Female / Male Spanking


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Spanked Husband

Natasha Sweet
I Wish My Wife Would Spank Me Spanking by DVD
SKU/Size: ST-54
Price: $39.95

Starring Dana Specht & Mistress Sandy
Jack and Rachael might be like any other couple, happy, but willing to put a little extra zip in their relationship. In this story it's Jack who wishes his wife were into spanking. One night he bravely brings up the subject and to his surprise Rachael isn't turned off at all. This being new for Rachael she decides to explore the internet and finds Dana Specht's web site. They buy a video and Rachael decides to invite Dana to their place to help provide a surprise for Jack and Rachael's anniversary. Dana Specht has no problem giving instruction on how to spank and discipline Jack. Shy at first, Rachael proceeds carefully with Dana's instruction, but before long she's truly into the true 'swing' of things! Take two beautiful and sexy women like Dana Specht and Mistress Sandy and it's impossible to not enjoy this video.

From Weepies To Chick Flicks
8:35pm Saturday, 13 Mar 2010
Society and Culture CC PG
Looks at roles given to women in Hollywood over the years and the development of 'chick flicks'. Writers, critics and studio executives including Nora Ephron, Molly Haskell and Linda Obst, discuss the rise of chick flicks.

A Story about a possible outcome .

Noisy wheelie bin betrays brazen beer thief

An attempted raid on a beer fridge in Palmerston, near Darwin, last night failed when the thief picked a noisy wheelie bin to carry away the alcohol.

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