Sunday, April 26, 2009

French Spanking Culture

.................................. A little tour on the internet is rather revealing on the cultural divide between France and the rest of Europe on the particular subject of derrière-slapping. While we should leave the Swedes to shout in horror at such French cruelty (they did, after all, pass a law banning spanking), let's search, for instance, French books on fessée on Amazon France. It gives you 48 titles, from the Art of fessée, to its Eulogy or even a Treaty. Now go to Amazon UK ( Click here for U.S. Page . ) and search for spanking ... You won't find any philosophical treaty here; the titles look almost all salacious and seedy. Why does Britain always turn art into sleaze, will wonder the panpan culcul esthète.

Panpan culcul (literal translation: bang-bang bum-bum) is another term for fessée - one that inspired Serge Gainsbourg, who dedicated a cheeky poem to it in 1973. But any more research on the internet about fessée should stop right here (the top ten spanking scenes in westerns) or you'll definitely fall in a world of deviant spankers who have lost sight of the poetry of such glorious practice.

Let's elevate ourselves and go back to Shakespeare's Midsummer Night Dream, where the glorious Bottom gives one of the most poetical monologues ever written for an ass.

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